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Finding Help With Construction Equipment

When I started working full time as a contractor, I realized that my employees didn't understand how to use some of our equipment completely. I learned that some of the time they were completely guessing, which left me really concerned about their well-being and the status of our jobs. In order to get my employees the training and help that they needed, I decided to get some help with our heavy construction equipment. I hired a professional team of equipment operators to come in and train our employees, and it made a huge difference. This blog is all about finding help with heavy construction equipment.


Run A Construction Business And Need A Generator? Tips For Renting One

If you run a construction company and need a generator, it may be a good idea to rent one rather than to purchase one. If you would like to do this, below are tips you should find helpful. This will let you get the generator you need and keep your business running.

Choose the Right Generator Wattage

To right generator for you depends on what power the generator needs to supply. This is determined by how much wattage the generator needs to provide. For example, if you are using the generator to supply power to smaller construction equipment, you may need a generator that is higher wattage. If you are not sure how much wattage this is, refer to the owner's manual or the manufacturer's website. When you know the wattage your equipment will use, choose a generator that is a little more powerful than you need just in case you need to supply power to something with higher wattage in the future.

Type of Generators

Besides how much power the generator provides, you will find different types of generators available. Some types you will find that you can rent include:


Portable generators are powered either by diesel fuel or gas. This type of generator is powered via a combustion engine to make the electricity it needs. The generator can plug into the tools or appliances via an electrical socket. If the devices you need to power have no sockets, the generator can be wired in your electric subpanel. 

This type works well if you are only using the generator for a short period of time because it is easy to transport. Portable generators the power to provide electricity to lights, power tools, and more. 


An inverter generator works much like a standard engine because the engine in the generator connects to the alternator inside the generator. Generators use a direct current (DC) in order to provide the electricity needed. In most cases, you will have AC current on your construction site. Because of this, inverter generators will turn the AC power in the DC power that you need. 

Inverter generators are often used to provide power to an engine. The wattage you choose for your generator will determine the size of engine it can provide power for. 

Talk with a rental company about this information and they can help you choose the right generator for what you plan to use it for. For more information on construction generator rentals, you can visit websites like