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When I started working full time as a contractor, I realized that my employees didn't understand how to use some of our equipment completely. I learned that some of the time they were completely guessing, which left me really concerned about their well-being and the status of our jobs. In order to get my employees the training and help that they needed, I decided to get some help with our heavy construction equipment. I hired a professional team of equipment operators to come in and train our employees, and it made a huge difference. This blog is all about finding help with heavy construction equipment.



Why Is It Better To Repair A Transformer Instead Of Replacing It?

The electrical transformers you have on your industrial site provide a huge service for you and your place of business, and for the most part, these industrial units are built to last through a lot of years of use. However, there will come a day when you will have a decision to make: should you repair an old transformer unit or simply get rid of it and get a replacement? A lot of people in this position will assume an outdated transformer is a bad thing overall and opt for a replacement, but this is not always the best idea. Here is why it can be better to have an electrical transformer repaired and outfitted with new parts. 

Old transformer units can be costly to get rid of. 

Transformers can't just go in the trash like other items; they have to be properly disassembled before they are hauled away and gotten rid of. Therefore, simply eliminating an old transformer is going to cost you money, and that is not to mention the investment in a new unit. It is sometimes more financially feasible to rebuild an old unit with new parts than it is to pay to get rid of the thing before buying a new unit. 

Old transformers can almost always be outfitted with new parts. 

Just like any other industrial piece of equipment, electrical transformers are made with parts that are replaceable. They are specifically designed this way to prevent excess waste and allow owners to make repairs whenever they are needed. Therefore, it really should not be all that hard to get new parts to fix an old, dysfunctional unit. For example, bushings and arrestors inside of a transformer are fairly simple to have replaced and the parts are mostly easy to find. 

Old transformers can have their perks compared to new units. 

There is nothing wrong with having an old transformer on your property. The way these systems are designed has evolved, but older units are sometimes larger, easier to work on, and in some cases, more resilient to the elements. Because newer electrical transformers have grown more compact over the years, some people actually prefer their older units because they have a size that makes them easier to repair when something goes wrong. 

In the end, it will be your decision as to whether you have your old transformer repaired or replaced. If you decide to repair, reach out to an electrical transformer service to see if they have any transformer parts for sale for the repair.