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What Questions To Ask In Order To Prevent Trouble With Your Heavy Lift Crane Rental

Renting a heavy lift crane for your construction site can be a great way to use a crane every now and then without having to spend a lot of money to purchase and store one. However, because you aren't using the crane that often, it can be easy for you to overlook some things that could help avoid trouble with your rental. Ask the questions below in order to ensure the rental goes well.

Are They Sending a Driver Along with the Crane?

Before doing anything else, you need to find out whether the rental company will be providing a driver along with the crane itself. If so, ensure that the driver has the proper licensing by asking to see it yourself.

If the company only does "bare rentals" where they deliver the crane and nothing else, you'll need to find a driver on your own. You might have an employee who has the proper licensing; you just have to be sure they are free from their other work when the crane arrives. You may choose instead to hire an independent contractor for a day's work.

What is the Load Limit of the Crane You're Renting?

It's very easy to ignore load limits when renting a crane. The rental company might assume that you know what load limit you need for your particular project, but you might think that the load limit is a suggestion that you can work around if need be. Keep in mind that load limits are in place to prevent overloading, which could result in worker injuries as well as damage to the load and crane itself.

To avoid this problem, tell the rental company a little about the cargo you plan to lift. They may be able to suggest the right crane for your needs. Whatever crane you end up renting, ensure that you find out about the load limit for that particular crane and respect it.

What Condition Does the Crane Have to Be in When You're Done?

After you're done using the crane, you might want to have it picked up by the rental company right away. That might not be a problem, but you need to find out whether the rental company will charge you for the condition of the crane when it's picked up. Do you need to clean it or return it in a certain condition? That information should be in the agreement you signed with the company, so reference that or be sure to call and ask before pickup.

Asking these questions can help you to have a smoother rental experience. Talk with the rental company about other issues you may need to be aware of.

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